Residency rooms for rent

Because our residency program can only offer four terms to up-and-coming filmmakers a year each year, we created a new opportunity for filmmakers to come to Basel. In fact, there are many exciting themed rooms at the Basel House of Film and now make them available to you for reduced rent if you seek a place create in during an important phase of your life. Thus we are able to expand our mission and further the inspiration and interaction of filmmakers around the world.

The requirements to qualify are that you intend to or already work in the field of filmmaking. You want to come to Basel and plan to work on a project. Whether it be writing a script, preparing for a film, drawing storyboards or editing a film. Your application can be sent by email to with a brief motivational statement, your CV, the requested time period you would like to come to Basel and - if available - samples of your work.

Once chosen, you need to become an active member of our association. The monthly rent for your room at the Basel House of Film will be CHF 300.- with a maximum stay of 90 days. As part of your rental contract we will need a copy of your passport, valid health and liability insurance as well as a pre-payment of your rent for the duration of your stay. Your membership will open you up to all the benefits listed on our official website. There is no stipend, however. We also don't have an age restriction in place for this opportunity. And all applicants are welcome to apply to both, the Filmmakers Residency program and the rooms for rent.

We look forward to receiving applications (rolling deadline):

Additional information about the Basel House of Film (rules of conduct & floor plans) can be found here. Permanent tenants who do not work in the film business also live in the house. From time to time events and film screenings take place in our club house, which are open to the residents to participate.

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What former residents say:

Marianne Lauritsen
(Winter 2019), Lukas Nathrath (Spring 2020), Katarzyna Iskra (Summer 2020), Maria Neheimer (Fall 2020)

Portrait Katarzyna Iskra

Portrait Saleh Kashefi